Monday, 6 October 2014

Eddie Mitchell A part time cashier in a pound store?

Hello avid readers of mine,

I received an email from one of my readers alleging they had spotted Eddie Mitchell working in a pound store in the Hampshire area.

Eddie from the "", who as we all know has set himself up as authority on diabetes management.

Even thought he admitted on his blog that he left school at 15 with no qualifications and as far as anyone knows hasn't got any qualifications in the field he writes about.

Was apparently spotted supplementing his pension with a cashier job in a pound store.

A picture was was enclosed with the email which is a bit blurred, apparently due to being taken in stealth. But I will let you decided, picture below.


Paul Jones Phd

Eddie On The Till ???

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Quick update on Paul-1976 who has a new avatar and ebook !

Hi avid readers,

Just a update on Paul-1976, Eddie Mitchell (the old codger from tame troll who is launching a new ebook called "How to fuck a forum up in ten steps and ban high contributing members".

Its destined to become the bible of moronic style moderating.

Paul's Latest Avatar


Paul Jones Phd

SEX - the queen of exercise

Research has revealed that sex, which is rated as moderately intense exercise, has many documented health benefits.

  • Helps Keep Your Immune System In Good Health
  • Boosts Your Libido
  • Improves Women's Bladder Control
  • Lowers Your Blood Pressure
  • Lowers Diabetes Risk
  • Lowers Heart Attack Risk
  • Lessens Pain
  • May Make Prostate Cancer Less Likely
  • Improves Sleep
  • Eases Stress

Paul Jones Phd

Friday, 3 October 2014

Graham Duck the armchair expert on lowcarb diabetic blog

Hello avid readers of mine,

Graham's usual avatar
This post is a critique of Graham Duck  purportedly from Lancashire who usually uses the user-name graham64.

Wherever his surname really is Duck or a reference to the animated duck avatar he uses or to his sexuality one can only speculate.

Certainly the overtly camp replies I’ve received from him in the past suggests the latter.

A long-term cohort of Eddie Mitchell, he's a prolific poster on Eddies blog and other social media of dietary advice aimed at diabetics.

Recommendations apparently based on his own personal experience and anecdotal so called evidence from the net.

Hinted to be educated, I suspect like Eddie he not qualified to take about anything, let alone diabetes management.

He claims his material comes from peer reviewed research. Clearly if you give his post more than just a cursory glance and your knowledgeable on science. You realise quickly this isn't the case and he doesn't really know what he's talking about.

Just like his long term writing partner Eddie, Graham is a lowcarb advocate and big pharm conspiracy theorist.

With a dangerous stance on medication, with the wild claim that diabetics can get by with little to no medication.

This may be true in the early stages of type 2 diabetes, but once the condition has progressed to the point of needing medication. Most people will have to take it for the rest of their lives and this is certainly true of type 1 diabetes. Right now, there's no cure for diabetes only management.
Graham is your typical out of touch out-of-touch argumentative old man who dismisses modern medical science and views it with suspicion.

No doubt posting his quackery and big pharm conspiracy theories  during a local silver surfers meeting at the library.

He's the type of old-time codger that would turn up at MacDonald's trying to book a table for two and to examine the wine list.

Certainly if you are a diabetic, I would think twice if not three times about following any of his recommendations.

Graham knows nothing about your medical history or the severalty of your diabetics.

So his peddling and recommendation of Eddies dodgy dietary regime which is simply not fit for purpose and implying you don't need medication is in my opinion dangerous.


Paul Jones Phd

"Paul-1976 the Troll" on the forum

Hi avid readers of mine,

A few hours ago I joined the (DCUK) forum that is registered to Diabetes Digital Media Ltd based in Earlsdon, Coventry.

After posting some educational material on the management of diabetes. I found  myself under attack from Eddies Mitchell troll Paul, posting under the username Paul-1976 and using this time a avatar of a lizard.

Click To Enlarge

After moaning about my presents on the forum in numerous replies and I suspect to the admin via private PM's. I quickly found myself barred and my posts pulled.

Its obvious who Paul-1976 is and that he peddles Eddies Mitchell quackery and big pharma conspiracy dross at ever opportunity he gets on forum.

Whilst on Eddies "super cheapo deluxe" along with the other prat's that congregate there, attempts to discredit the DCUK forum, ridicule it members and mock its owners.

So why haven't they barred the moaning hypochondriac. ?? When I a well educated informative individual with a loyal base of readers gets barred.

Its an interesting question, could this be the answer.

That the moderators and admin on the DCUK forum, are truly genuinely THICK ?


Paul Jones Phd

P.S  does anyone ever use a QR reader these days?

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Heart disease warning factors 'missed by many adults' a BBC Report

While a third of people are worried about getting dementia or cancer, only 2% are afraid of coronary heart disease, a survey by the British Heart Foundation has found.

And one in ten adults confessed to not knowing how to look after their hearts.
Coronary heart disease (CHD) is responsible for about 74,000 deaths in the UK each year.

The British Heart Foundation has issued 10 tips to prevent heart disease:

  • Give up smoking *
  • If you're over 40, take up your free NHS health check
  • Maintain a healthy weight *
  • Lead an active lifestyle*
  • Ditch the salt *
  • Eat your "five a day" of fruit and vegetables *
  • Cut down on saturated fat *
  • Read food labels to find out if something is healthy for you
  • Don't drink too much alcohol
  • Watch food portion sizes.

More on this story here.

Sound advice from a reliable source. I've highlighted with a star what I thing are the most important points.


Paul Jones Phd

Sunday, 28 September 2014